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Mark Teal

2015 British Masters Judo Squad Member

"helps keep a dominant posture"


Adam Teal

2015 British Masters Judo Squad Member


The new posture tee is a revelation in active sport wear. The TEE was tested in an open Randoori training session (contest).We found worn under the Judogi (judo suit) it helped maintain posture and position under intense circumstances.  Judo requires the Judoka to remain in a position of balance ready to both attack and defend whilst competing. As most people are liable to crouch in this situation the posture Tee pulls the shoulders back and helps maintain the upper back in an upright position that helps keep a dominant posture. This keeps the upper body in a correct position whilst not restricting any movement which is crucial in competitive Judo.

The Tee was also worn cross training, Rowing, spinning, weight training etc and is a must to keep your technique correct whilst your body is tiring and under stress which can make you prone to injury.




Adam Teal - Judo G.B / Phil Corley - Pro cyclist / Gail Emms - GB Badminton player / Liz Yelling - G.B Marathon runner / Nathan Roberts - GB Badminton player /Ian Stannard - Sky Cycling team / Tim Don - GB Tri team / Eimear Mullen - Irish Tri Team / Bradley Smith - Moto GP/ Nick Poole - Ice Hockey manager MK Lightening / Martin Cave - Doctor / Chris Herman - Doctor / Keith Allen Shirtcliffe - Physiotherapist / Iona Parrish - Osteopath / Lisa Webb - Sport Therapist

Ian Sharp




I used the T-shirt as suggested, for an hour per night increasing the duration gradually. You can really feel the panels pulling your shoulders back when you begin to hunch. Initially there was some muscle pain after removal, and for a few hours afterwards. This diminished gradually over the next 2 weeks.


Unfortunately the t shirt required washing and as we do not do a white wash on a regular basis this meant I was unable to wear it for a few days. Once back, the muscle discomfort was evident again after initial use, but eased more quickly.


I have ordered a second t-shirt today, purely so that there is less “down time” between washes.


My wife has noticed my improved posture and I am now aware that it has become less comfortable to stoop than it is to stand upright.

As it has become part of my evening routine, I see no reason why I shouldn’t persevere in its usage for many years to come.



Lisa Webb

Sports Therapist



As a sports Therapist I see many patients with poor posture on a regular ongoing basis. Most of their pain and muscle tightness is due to bad postural habits so the Body Partner T shirt can really help alongside treatment and with the management of treatment. It aids in the retraining of the muscles in the upper back and positioning of the shoulders due to the re-enforced V shaped inserts across the back of the shoulders. This reminds you that you have slumped forwards and over time will help you to improve your posture and maintain a much better natural position. 

I have been using the T shirt for a month now and it has made a huge difference to my posture. I feel a lot taller and have had less pain in my shoulders. 



Iona Parrish




I have been using the Body Partner t-shirt for several weeks now and have noticed a huge difference in my posture already.


It is fantastic for anyone who finds themselves prone to falling into bad postural habits and suffering from back or neck pain. I treat so many patients who complain of back and neck pain as a result of spending long hours at a desk or computer, and whilst manual therapy is excellent for relieving the symptoms, it is crucial to address the long term postural adaptations that occur, in order to prevent continual problems.


The Body Partner is ideal for this, offering support across the back and shoulders, to prevent slumping and dropping if the shoulders. I would certainly recommend this to anyone suffering from posture related pain.




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